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      "That would have been much," absently replied the reader, turning a page."Yes."

      Are all the villages and people in England like this? she asked, as they went on their way again.

      Only a courier it was. So said the maid who came in reply to the late ring, but received no command. The two girls, shut in together, Anna losing moments more golden than ever, heard the rider at the veranda steps accost the old coachman and so soon after greet Mandeville that it was plain the captain had already been up and dressing."Us four and no more!" sang the gleeful Gibbs; right number to manage a delicate case. The four glasses emptied, he had explained that all charges must be collected, of course, from the alien gentleman for whom the plumage and fixative were destined. Hence a loud war of words, which the barkeeper had almost smoothed out when the light-hearted Gibbs suddenly decreed that the four should sing, march, pat and "cut the pigeon-wing" to the new song (given nightly by Christy's Minstrels) entitled "Dixie's Land."

      "Yes, 'twas so he put it," replied Flora, while the old lady's eyebrows visibly cried:"No, not necessarily--thanks to your aid!"

      "Yes," interposed Flora, "but writing from behind his fortification' at Corinth, yes!"

      He looked at her steadily.

      I do not know what to say! she said in a very low voice.


      She greeted Flora with a welcoming beam, but before speaking she caught her sister's arm and glanced herself, at the superscription.


      Norman sat listening in perfect silence; once he reached for the decanter, then paused and put it away. He had had quite enough wine, he remembered suddenly."You mus' have drop' it on the stair," said grandmamma, discerning the stratagem, and glad to aid it.


      I am not afraid, said Esmeralda.